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How I Got My Husband Back: My Top Secrets Revealed

True love is not about giving up, but about pushing through!

How to Get Your Husband Back Home


Be Patient

Do not rush it, because you only push your husband further away.


Seek Reconciliation

Reconcile yourself to God and then to yourself.


Control Emotions

Your behaviour affects your emotions, control them.



Be ready to take the first step towards reconciliation.

My Story

May You be Inspired

I never thought that I would have started a blog about how I lost my husband through separation and how I worked to get him back. But here I am, sharing my story, hoping to inspire and encourage others who may be going through a similar situation.


It all started when my husband and I began to drift apart. We stopped communicating, and I started to feel like we were strangers living under the same roof. We both became busy with work and our own lives, and slowly we grew apart. It wasn’t until we separated that I realized just how much I needed him in my life. The pain of separation was unbearable, and it felt as though a part of me was missing. It was a dark time, but I refused to give up on our family.


The emptiness in my heart was suffocating, and I knew I had to take action if I wanted to save my marriage and get him back. I started by reflecting on my own behaviour and how I had contributed to our problems. I felt so much regret for neglecting to make time for my husband and not being there for him. I had wronged him in that regard.


Needless to say, my instinctive behaviour was to win my husband back as quickly as possible. My objective was to get him back home and for him to stay forever. I was determined to get Michael’s attention and change his mind by whatever measures necessary. I cried, I threatened him, asked him to think of our daughters’ welfare, I begged; frankly, all I did was show how desperate I was to get him back. I promised that I would do anything he wanted and promised to change; only that he came back home. Despite everything I did, my actions only seemed to push him further away.


This is when it dawned on me that I should not beg, attempt to negotiate, stalk my husband or make promises, call several times a day, spam him with email, and the list goes on. This only made me look desperate and decreased my chances to get him back.


That is when I started my deep search for the best way to get him back and discovered the secret of making things right between us and I got him back home with his family. It wasn’t an easy road, but I am overjoyed to say that I did succeed. I got him to fall in love with me all over again. The moment we reunited as a family was the most joyous moment of my life.


Through this experience, I learned that sometimes the biggest challenges can lead to the greatest growth. And most importantly, I learned that it is possible to get your husband back and save your marriage if you are willing to put in the effort. If you are going through a similar situation, know that it is possible to get him back. Keep hope alive, keep working hard, and never give up on love. I hope my story can inspire and encourage you to keep working towards your own happy ending.

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